09 . 09 — 09.13

Newport, Rhode Island


Epic Decade believes in the power of conversations. As a creative studio at the intersection of business and social impact we catalyze innovation by taking on the essential questions of our time. We do this by making culture central to the experience of organizations, brands, and communities. September 9th through the 13th is a week of conversations. Sharing multiple forms of business and cultural discourse.



A Conversation of Performances

5:00 pm Soprano Denise Young at The Colony House

Soprano with Denise Young featuring Daric V. Jackson, Piano/Keyboard & Noah Garabedian, Bass. Singer-songwriter and former Vice President of Human Resources, Inclusion, and Diversity at Apple—a conscious voice to be deeply listened to with both head and heart.

6:30 PM Mixed Magic Theater and the Exult Gospel ChoiR at the great friends meeting house

Founded by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley with a mission to preserve and celebrate the great African American tradition of gospel music.


what is wisdom? with Alex Jadad & Tamen Jadad Garcia

5:00 pm at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum

Alex is a Colombian Canadian physician, philosopher, teacher, researcher, entrepreneur and public advocate whose mission is to enable people—either as individuals or groups—to live healthy and happy lives, full of love, and with no regrets, until the last breath. Alex is currently serving as a member of the Council of the Wise for the President of Colombia.

Tamen is an entrepreneur who builds on the best theoretical and scientific knowledge from philosophy, psychology, medicine and business to create tools that enable people to enjoy life, meaningfully and purposefully.


Leadership Workshop: Designing a life of impact with Jessica Mason

2:30–5:00 pm at the colony house

Jessica is the Founder + CEO of the Social Impact Studio. Prior to launching the studio, Jessica worked at Harvard University where she directed a portfolio of social innovation labs in Latin America and served as a technical expert on innovation methods and human-centered design. 


why culture matters now? with morgwn rimel

6:00 pm at bowler lane

Morgwn is a curator, cultural thinker, and advocate for beauty based in London, UK where she founded Superculture. Previously Executive Director & Global Creative Director of the School of Life and Chief Design Officer of Skyroom.



3:00 pm at innovate newport

Leslie Ziegler Schrock is an entrepreneur and writer. For the past decade, she has invested in and served as an advisor to startups at the convergence of health and technology in Silicon Valley. 

Jessica Rolph is an entrepreneur and category creator. Passionate about the importance of early childhood development, she is the co-founder and CEO of Lovevery.